We have a wide assortment of post industrial and post consumer HDPE crates regrinds. Regrinds are available in various colors. Customization can be avail in HDPE crates regrinds. HDPE Crates Regrinds are made by using superior quality raw materials. Its colors are: blue, red, white, yellow and so on


HDPE pellets are most widely used material in plastic industry. Considering increasing demand, we are engaged into producing regrinds of HDPE pellets. Regrinds are made out of standard quality scrap of HDPE pellet. Various colors are available of HDPE pellet regrinds.


PET bottles are containers made of PET, using a thermal process of a PET blank (PET performs) are produced. They are from the late 1980s, among other things as packaging with screw top, rarely used with clip-lock in the beverage industry.

Physical Properties
Grade Industrial Production Waste
Flake Size 8-10 MM
Contaimination No Contaimination


Drums are being made from virgin material. Regrinds are being made out of post industrial waste. Thus, high standards are maintained and regrinds are of superior quality

Physical Properties
Product HPDE Blue Drum 200 Litre
Grade Industrial Waste Production
Contamination No Contamination


Post industrial waste of yogurt basket and coffee cups are being used to make flakes of Hips. Flakes are in white and beige color. Flakes are segregated.

Physical Properties
Grade Industrial Production Waste
Wash Cold Washed
Contamination No Contamination

HDPE Milk Bottle

We have an assortment of post consumer and post industrial waste. While producing flakes out of post consumer or industrial waste, flakes are further washed either cold or hot.

PVC Pipes

We have a finest quality of PVC pipes collection from post-industrial waste. PVC Pipes are then converted into standard regrind form.


Pet Bottle flakes are purely produced from post industrial material. We are using state of art facilities to produce pet flakes.


Poly carbonate flakes are being produced from post industrial and post consumer waste. These flakes are segregated in different jumbo bags in order to meet the demands of the customer

Flakes are segregated into 3 different categories:

  • GRADE A: It is purely post industrial without labels, without caps, zero moisture and no contamination.
  • GRADE B: Post consumer, collected bottles are regrind and mix together and contain less then 0.5 % moisture of printing or labels.
  • GRADE C: It is one of the lowest grade and contain labels along with color shade variation.